Restaurant Insurance

Owning & managing a restaurant is no simple tasks. Fortunately, Snotherly Insurance makes purchasing Restaurant Insurance almost as easy as EZ Bake Ovens. Being that nearly 2/3 of our business insurance team has worked or managed business operations in the restaurant industry, we can personally testify of the challenges, risks, and overall exposures that restaurant owners face. Our business owners policy customized specifically for restaurants, cafe’s, deli’s and eatery’s is the perfect recipe for providing our restaurant owner customers with a policy that includes liability, property for contents and equipment and a variety of additional coverage items which could include

– Coverage for delivery drivers, caterers or employees that may drive on behalf of the business
– Protection of produce and business income from Power Outage
– Serving of contaminated food
– Liquor Liability Insurance
– Fire Suppression Coverage, recharge and Fire Department Cost

Snotherly Insurance does offer Workers Compensation as well as Business Auto policies for Restaurants. Often time’s these line’s of insurance can be combined into one policy for multiple savings and discounts. Additionally, Snotherly Insurance agents may work directly with a restaurant owners land lord when necessary to provide the required proofs of insurance so that our customers/restaurant insurance owners can maintain focus on successfully operating their businesses without hassle or worry.