Rental Property Insurance For Landlords

Your rental property is a financial asset and we at Snotherly Insurance offer the landlord insurance to protect it. Whether you own 1 rental property or several, Snotherly Insurance has the capability to provide you with a tailored investment insurance plan specific to your needs. As a Trusted Choice Insurance agency, we have access to wide range of lessors risk markets including properties or homes that may currently be vacant. Our landlord policies typically provide you with liability, property up to the value limits of the home (or homes) and even restitution of lost revenue in the event of a loss, liability coverage for alleged discrimination and even protection against man made risks on your property. A Snotherly Insurance agent can assist you with finding coverage for your investment property including not only rental homes, but also commercial buildings such as flex spaces, strip malls and even stand alone buildings. Complete our easy Rental Property Quote form below or call our Raleigh Insurance office for more information. Contact Us directly.