Liquor Liability Insurance

Restaurant Owners! Dram Shop Owners! Breweries and Bars! Please Note: Your business could be held responsible for a patron’s actions and injuries including damages that may occur if they are caught driving under the influence of alcohol after being served at your facility.

Snotherly Insurance strives to educate business owners that sell all forms of alcohol (not just liquor) that liquor liability is critical for the operation of their business. Reckless behavior, violent actions and tragic auto accidents all are caused daily by intoxicated individuals and although it may seem rational to place the blame of these actions onto the individual that caused them, in a court of law, the establishment which served the alcoholic drink can be held responsible. Additionally, the sell and consumption of alcohol on a business owners premise is usually not covered on most general liability nor basic business owners policies.

It is for this reason that our business insurance team works directly with countless business owners in the RDU area to provide affordable liquor liability insurance coverage. Do not allow your business to be exposed to intoxicated patrons. We can provide a quote for your restaurant, brewery, bar or dram shop promptly.