Garage Owners Insurance

So you own a body shop, auto shop or garage. Do you need a Garage Keepers policy or a Garage Liability policy or a General Liability policy? Do you know? The answer could be all 3!! Good thing we at Snotherly Insurance can help our customers distinguish all these lines of insurance as well as provide our Garage owners and Automotive repair customers with the correct insurance policy for their line of work. We understand that you, as a garage business owner are not only relied upon to repair as well as often tow and test drive your customer’s cars, but also that your business is entrusted with keeping their auto and property safe while it is in your control. Our Garage Owners, Garage Liability and Garage Keeper policies are not only affordable, but are extensive and may include numerous protective items such as coverage for Faulty Work or Defective Products, coverage for your employees tools, and protection for stolen autos just to name a few!

Begin a Garage Liability quote immediately by simply completing the Quote form below. A business insurance representative from our Raleigh insurance office will be in touch by email promptly after this form is submitted and reviewed.