Flood Insurance

Unfortunately damage to your belongings and property is often excluded from most home owners policies as well as renter’s policies (and business insurance policies). A flood insurance policy can be purchased specifically to protect your family, your personal items, and even your business and include protection for insurance items such as
– Damage to a Structure (including a home)
– Mechanical Damage inside a building
-Debris Clean Up
– Compensates for all covered losses

It is important to note that the Federal government does financially back the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Progam) and that the majority of flood claims are addressed and paid in a very timely manner. Snotherly Insurance not only understands Flood Insurance, but we do not take this risks lightly. Our Raleigh insurance agents can assist in providing you with a thorough breakdown of coverage plans that one may receive in a Flood Insurance Policy and answer any questions you may regarding flood insurance. We may also assist in advising you if a Flood Insurance certificate is needed. For further information, feel free to use the “”Contact Form”” below or simply contact a Snotherly Insurance agent at 919-832-5832.