Directors & Officers Insurance

A directors and officers (also known as D&O) insurance policy protects a the group of volunteers on a board for a company or organization from liability risks associated with working or volunteering for the company. These risks can include

• Negligent acts or omissions,
• Termination that could considered wrongful or discriminatory
• Violations regarding AntiTrust
• Libel and slander
• Misleading statements that could result in a lawsuit against the company.

For directors and officers that may assist in the operations of a Condominium Association or a Home Owners Association, Snotherly Insurance provides an exceptional D&O Policy that is even endorsed by The Community Association Institute.

For various other organizations that may require Directors & Officers Coverage, we have access to many great products through the various insurance carriers that we represent. Directors and Officers quotes do often entail specific questions and information. A Snotherly business insurance agent can be in contact with you to obtain this information after submitting the below form to begin the quoting process or simply call our Raleigh Insurance office for further assistance.