Condominium Insurance

When it come’s to Condominium Insurance, it is essential to have an agent you know and can trust. Condominium Insurance usually entails 2 different policies, including 1 for each unit owner of the condominium building as well as a master insurance policy that may protect the structure, common areas and even amenities in the condominium. Becoming aware of what you, the unit owner are responsible for in a Condominium Association can be tricky as these exact responsibilities can differ from every condominium association. Good thing, Snotherly Insurance specializes in condominium insurance throughout Raleigh and North Carolina. We work hand in hand with a number of property managers and fellow bankers and agents to provide the correct coverage, as well as forms to the correct representatives of the Condominium. For further information concerning condominium insurance or to address any questions you may have regarding the matter please feel free to complete the “”Contact Us”” form below or simply call us at our Raleigh Insurance office location. Our knowledgeable and trained staff can assist you in providing a condominium insurance solution specifically for you!