Business Auto Insurance

Do you have or are considering purchasing a company owned vehicle for your business?

Consider this, the majority of all North Carolina traffic accidents reported occur during the work day. Knowing this information, one major wreck or automobile related incident could suddenly immobilize your business. Snotherly Insurance provides business auto insurance liability coverage that is up to ten times more than the coverage found in a standard personal auto insurance policy. Furthermore, a business auto policy may often include an expansive limit for bodily injury, medical payments, and even comprehensive and collision protection. Our agents can recommend additional protection including coverage for employees autos while driving for the business, rented autos, and “”drive other car”” coverage. From delivery drivers to landscapers, caterers to carriers, Snotherly Insurance can assist business in locating an appropriate business auto insurance policy through a variety of our multiple insurance carriers. Contact our business insurance team or complete the auto insurance quote form below to receive more information.