Prevail PT LLC

After years of being confined to the limits of an insurance-based practice, we believe in helping our patients feel better faster, and then taking this to the next level with preventative care. Whether their goal is to run a marathon or walk with a friend in the neighborhood, we educate our patients on how to do these activities long-term, and we are here to help when they need a recovery session.

Our goal is to be a resource for our patients, taking them from being injured to thriving with a healthy, active lifestyle.

At Prevail, we provide comprehensive, evidence-based care, utilizing a one-on-one, hands-on approach without the use of aides or assistants. We work with our patients to optimize functional movement and sports performance by determining the root cause of injury.

We develop a plan of care to achieve wellness, reduce future injury risk and redefine performance.

2016 Creekside Landing Dr

Apex, NC 27502

Phone: (919) 482-9648