By Alex Snotherly | July 16, 2019



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Canceling your car insurance?  Did you know you could receive a hefty fine from the North Carolina DMV if you neglect to send in your license plate tags after canceling your liability insurance? This amendment is rarely mentioned by the DMV however, every car driver in North Carolina is at stake!


According to the DMV “state law requires continuous liability insurance on all registered vehicles, a vehicle owner should cancel their insurance only after they have turned in their North Carolina license plate to the N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles. Canceling insurance before turning in the license plate will result in a fine for failure to maintain continuous insurance coverage.

THE DMV WEBSITE STATES: Vehicle Storage: An owner storing a vehicle for an extended period should also return the vehicle’s license plate before canceling liability insurance coverage.”


At Snotherly Insurance we do our BEST to remind all of our customers this information, however, it is also the responsibility of every driver to not only be aware but put this advice to take action. When selling, disposing or simply deciding to halt usage of a vehicle, please remember to send your license plate tags to NCDMV alongside canceling your North Carolina Car Insurance policy.

For further information, a link to the North Carolina DMV’s law can be accessed by clicking here.

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